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Strive Not to Drive!

Posted by eemilla on May 8, 2009

With the summer driving season quickly approaching (hello $2/gallon gasoline), Strive Not to Drive is next week.  Join me in taking a moment to think about you might be able to complete a few errands or a few commutes using the bus, walking, cycling, or carpooling.  With the weather clearing up, I plan on packing my lunch, clothes, and a book so that I can walk to and from work.  For our elected officials I will be photographing the most dangerous parts of my route (especially where road construction has recently occurred but no sidewalks have appeared).  Take that Big Oil!


2 Responses to “Strive Not to Drive!”

  1. I gave up my car when moving into the city a year ago and it’s worked out great for me. Bus 11! (Your legs.)

  2. Beth said

    We live a good ways from all the places I shop and do my business, so the best I can do is to combine my errands and grow as much of my own food as I can. I do wish there were more options out here in the country for public transportation.

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