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Nona Mia

Posted by eemilla on April 30, 2009

Our first experience at Nona Mia was so quaint; they hadn’t been open too long, and their tables were an eclectic collection of old office and patio furniture.  We had a few different servers, including a kid who asked if everything was okay.  The food was good, filling, and (best of all) cheap.  However, their hours fit their schedule.  The next time we attempted to visit, they were not offering any weekend hours.  

After a grueling day of traveling the interstate highway system, we headed straight for a late lunch at Nona Mia’s.  Even though it was a weird time of day, around 2:30 pm, there were three or four other tables and a fairly steady stream of to-go and dine customers continued throughout our meal.  Our service was handled by three (mostly two) servers, and it was attentive without being overbearing.  We had a Caesar salad (including an anchovy) and bruschetta for appetizers; the salad was dressed well, and the dressing is delicious.  I would prefer smaller croutons, but they were in proper portion to the greens.  I chickened out and gave my anchovy to my honey; he reported it was a good quality specimen.  My entree, the Farmhouse pizza, was ordered with dinner in mind, and my husband ordered the meatball sandwich in order to compare it to Frank’s NY Deli.  The pizza is well topped, and oh the focaccia crust is so good.  Unlike one of the major pizza chains, it is tasty without being grease soaked.  I was able to get two lunches and dinner out of the pie (I shared two slices with my husband and two of the meals were supplemented with good sized salads).  The meatball sandwich was serviced on normal sized sandwich bread with a side of pasta salad.  According to my honey, the meatballs were not overworked and fell apart in his mouth.  Like everything we have tried, no single ingredient overpowered the rest.  I tried the pasta salad which had firm lentils, mini-shells, tomatoes, and a balsamic vinaigrette, and it was good enough for it to be an appetizer not just a side.  By the way, his comparison to Frank’s ended up with neither sandwich winning outright.  Both have good taste, price ($7.95), and sides; Nona Mia wins on the delectability of the  meatballs and the balance between the other ingredients.  Frank’s wins with size and cheesy, tomato-y comfort food goodness.  I enjoyed a glass of the house prosecco (I believe it is Lunetta, although my memory does fail frequently).  It wasn’t overly dry, and I thought the stemless flute glass was a generous portion (although looking at the cost per bottle of about $10 compared to the $6.50 I paid for the glass it should be a heavy pour).

On our way out we noticed that Saturday dinner service is back, but please don’t except to show up and sit down.  Nona Mia has a following without much square feet, although they have added a few tables to their front sidewalk.



5 Responses to “Nona Mia”

  1. Oooooh … I love Nona Mia’s and this post is making me hungry. I normally get their grilled Portobello sandwich without the cheese … it’s wonderful! My dh typically gets the veggie pasta (can’t remember the name). We come home with enough food for the next meal (at least).

    Thanks for posting about them … I think I’m going to have to arrange a lunch out pretty soon! 🙂

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  2. Beth said

    Sounds very tasty, especially that Farmhouse pizza! Thanks for your excellent restaurant reviews.

  3. Rebecca V said

    Ohhhhh the farmhouse, and the bruschetta and the veggie lasgna to splurge for! I have been eating at Nona Mia since they first opened their doors as I eat a lot of pizza and I mean a lot! They have the best pizza, better than NYC or Chicago and well I eat pizza once a week so I know a bit bought yummy pizza. Pass the word if you like pies that a doughy without too much dough this us the place

  4. […] than most area restaurants, which for me is heaven because I want the eggplant not the parmesan.  The Farmhouse remains my favorite pizza that my husband doesn’t make with its goat cheese, basil, olives, […]

  5. […] South is closer, better, and sometimes sells something delectable from Short Street Cakes, and Nona Mia is about the same distance and far superior (both restaurants are also similar in pricing and […]

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