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Green Tea

Posted by eemilla on April 19, 2009

After our extravagant spending at the beach, we decided to close the weekend with a stop into Green Tea.  It looks like they are finally going to open up the area to the right of the front door, and they have added a patio area.  The booths are large and comfortable, and the service was attentive.  I was dismayed to see my Buncombe Roll no longer on the menu, but I still enjoyed the Kani Naruto, Joy, and Dynamite Roll as well as some Caterpillar Roll.  For an appetizer, we split some edamame, and it was just what my body had been craving.   In addition to the Caterpillar Roll, my honey had the Orange Dragon and an Eel and Avocado Roll.  I loved all of mine, but I thought the sauce for the Caterpillar was much saltier than normal.  With the increased seating, I am interested to see how the service will be affected (as I have not noticed an increase in the sushi chef’s space).



Green Tea

Green Tea


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