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Asheville Earth Day

Posted by eemilla on April 19, 2009

I arrived at the park sometime near the end of Sol Driven Train’s set; we couldn’t decide if our last encounter with them had been overly influenced by alcohol until their final song.  We will see them again in a couple of weeks so that I can sort out whether I like them sober or how many beers I have to have before I like them.  Laura Reed is pregnant, so as the MC stated she is embodying the goddess all over the place.  The performance was enjoyable, but it didn’t compel me to my feet and get my hips shaking.  Laura is the energy for the band, and rightfully so her energy is focused elsewhere; it could also be that most of the crowd seemed to have been there all day chasing toddlers, so it wasn’t like we were sending her back a bunch of energy either.  Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe started about an hour after Laura Reed and Deep Pocket departed (thirty minutes late), but I was too tired and hungry to stay even though I did get up and wiggle my booty for a few minutes. 

Sadly enough, with the departure of the parents and daylight, the amount of litter seemed to grow exponentially.  The organizers had plenty of receptacles for trash, recycling, and compost.  All of the beverages were served in compost-able corn plastic cups, but due to health regulations vendors cannot reuse your cup.  However, at Brewgrass you are issued a taster cup, and all of your beer goes into that one cup all day long.  I guess I need to read up on the food service regulations.

I enjoyed the festival, and although I arrived later in the day I had expected to see more environmental action groups.  I look forward to next year!


2 Responses to “Asheville Earth Day”

  1. Beth said

    Sounds like fun, but it’s kind of distressing to think that people attending an Earth Day celebration were littering, especially with plenty of trash and recycling receptacles available. Geez. That is one thing I drummed into my children’s heads from the time they started walking—never, ever litter. And they never did. I had to watch them though, because they were prone to pick up other people’s litter, no matter how nasty. 🙂

  2. When it comes to environmental things, I sometimes feel so good because we’ve come a long way. Other times, I realize that we still have so far to go. It’s sad … litter is such a simple thing to avoid. Well … I guess it just means that there are more opportunities for doing better.

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