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March Snow!

Posted by eemilla on March 1, 2009

This is so typical of WNC: a balmy winter with a smattering of bitter cold, and the biggest snow event happening sometime between March and April.  I love snow.  I love watching it; I love waking up to it; I love skiing in fresh natural snow (a real treat in the southeastern mountains); I love the fresh blanket it lays on the landscape; and I love how much our dog loves eating it and dashing madly about (thus destroying the serene blanket).  I love it so much that I want more; I want to see winters in which it snows a few feet so that the office will be closed, and we can drive up to Banner Elk.  Whoo HOO!  As I am typing the snow is falling faster and heavier!


March Snow

March Snow





I posted sometime in the afternoon, and now the snow has stopped (how sad).  Below are the most recent snow photos showing how much more snow we received.  I can only hope to wake up to even more snow.






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