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homemade truffles

Posted by eemilla on March 1, 2009

For the first time ever I made chocolate truffles.  I had been much intimidated about the prospect of making truffles, but really it was much easier and less time consuming than I ever imagined.  Although the results were not as good as the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, I was quite satisfied (as was my husband).  I followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for the most part; being lazy and not inclined to don latex gloves, I did not coat the truffles with the ganache or the cocoa powder.  I also treated them like drop cookies (partly my laziness but mostly not having tips and a pastry bag), and to reduce the trash, I used my silicone pastry mat in lieu of the parchment paper.  I made two rounds as I had enough leftover chocolate when I decided to skip the ganache coating; for my first round, I didn’t have enough freezer space so I hardened them in the refrigerator for about forty-five minutes or so, and on the second round I cleaned the freezer so the truffles could spend thirty minutes hardening off.  However, both times (even after spending a day stored in a storage container in the refrigerator) they melt just a bit on your fingers while being consumed.  Any thoughts would be welcome (although I guess I could just eat them whole).  I foresee many a future batch, and some will be flavored with Bailey’s and others with Jameson’s and maybe others will have creme de menthe.


4 Responses to “homemade truffles”

  1. Oooh I used to make ganache and simply eat it with a spoon….this sounds like a slightly more dignified way to savor creamy chocolate. I vote for a Bailey’s and Creme de Menthe truffle (like an After Eight shot). Yummmm!

  2. Those sound delicious…and melting on your fingers while you eat them isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right?

  3. Beth said

    My suggestion is to lick your fingers. 🙂 Seriously, those sound heavenly. In fact, reading this has made me realize that I haven’t had any chocolate for at least eight hours and so I plan to remedy that just as soon as I finish writing this comment by raiding the precious bag of Lindt chocolate truffles hidden in my sock drawer.

  4. Oh … this sounds way too good. I don’t think I could ever make them because … I’d probably eat them all myself. Bailey’s …. on my goodness … I’m drooling!

    Thanks for sharing your Truffle experience!!

    BTW … I hope you’ll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009. 🙂

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