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Chef’s Quarter

Posted by eemilla on February 19, 2009

****Update:  I had planned on going to Rezaz last week, but when I called to find out what their tasting menus were the hostess informed me the courses were as follows:  spinach and apple salad with warm bacon dressing followed by an eight ounce filet (didn’t catch the side) and finished with a chocolate mousse.  I questioned  how often the selections would change, but much to my dismay, the above is the only tasting menu Rezaz will use.  With the eight ounce filet it sounds like twenty-five dollars is a steal if you like beef, which my honey does so we will still probably end up dining there.  

Chef's Quarter flier

Chef's Quarter flier



Thanks to Hendersonville Epicurean and Ashvegas for bringing this awesome discount to my attention earlier this week.  

When Rezaz first opened several years back my husband and I were stoked; the food was awesome, the prices were reasonable, and wow what table service.  Rezaz was our go-to for special occassion dining, whether it was a romantic affair or  dinners with out-of-town guests; then it seemed like the menu stagnated, so we took a few years off.  Now the price is right to try it again, plus with our time away the menu will seem fresher even it really hasn’t changed.  

The Corner Kitchen became our spot because its menu changes every few days, even if some of the items seem to be anchors (e.g. the corn chowder and baked brie).  The prices are great here too, especially when considering the wine and beer list.  Due to our budget we haven’t been back since they received their full ABC permits, but with this special we are definitely going to be stopping in.

We stopped into Fig after it had been opened a few months; I believe it was during the summer on a weeknight.  The restaurant didn’t seem too busy, but we waited for somewhere between five or ten minutes without being spoken to by any staff after being seated.  Our perusal of the menu and the absent service made us exchange a look and leave without further ado.  However, with this special we will be returning for another shot.

I wish more Asheville restaurants were doing this.  In Vancouver, the restaurants reward the locals and the tourists visiting in their off season with Dine Out Vancouver.  A few years back when we were on our honeymoon, we ate at three high end restaurants using this special, spending much less than the normal menu prices; thus making trying a new place less of a risk.  Dine Out Vancouver has three tiers (this year it is $18, $28, and $38) with most of the restaurants offering a wine pairing upgrade.  Hopefully this will be such a smashing success that next year more participants will join.  Thanks to Chef’s Quarter for giving the locals some love!


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  1. Liz said

    Hi there! Thanks for this interesting info. Just thought I’d mention that you are going to be blown away when you visit Rezaz again. The menu has changed several times over the last few years. The most recent update is phenomenal with a whole new format that features 3 different categories of entrees: petite, big and bigger. The size difference of the 3 categories corresponds with a nice price difference,too. This makes it possible to choose between a wide variety of awesome dishes for just the right size and price based what you’re feeling/can afford. Cheers!

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