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One Car Household Week Twenty-Two

Posted by eemilla on January 30, 2009

We are fast approaching the half year mark, and I am so amazed about how easy this has been.  In honesty, I must say my husband bears the greater burden.  Now that we are not suffering from the bitter snowless cold, I plan to resume my Thursday treks home.  I actually walked past three other pedestrians in the neighborhood, and I also felt like an old lady as I wanted to yell at a few cars to SLOW DOWN as they whizzed by me.  Although I spend much time complaining about the dearth of sidewalks, I must say I do appreciate the good long stretch of new sidewalk on my amended route.  The sad and inefficient note about this stretch is that they had sidewalks already, but no one had bothered to maintain them so they became a part of people’s yards.

Speaking of public transit and government waste, I wanted to give thanks to Doug Gibson over at Scrutiny Hooligans for his great comeback: “When did I-40 start making a profit?”  How can public transit be profitable if we live so far from everything and we don’t pay tolls?  How much sense does it make to spend millions on a parking deck then charge one dollar an hour to park there with an eight dollar per day maximum?  The newest downtown parking deck was estimated to cost $12 million dollars for 650 parking spaces, which breaks down to over $18,000 per space.  The notice doesn’t mention if this lot will be like the other decks that give the first hour for free, but I assume being closest to the courthouse this will not be an option.  

I think the economic stimulus will push us in a new direction as far as our transportation priorities fall; gas prices will rise again as oil is not a renewable resource, and the demand for transit will increase.  The Asheville Transit System seems really interested in listening to its ridership; hopefully, more service will arrive before Strive Not to Drive.


3 Responses to “One Car Household Week Twenty-Two”

  1. Beth said

    Bravo to you and your husband for a half year of one-car living! We live 11 miles out from Asheville and limit our driving as much as possible. But we’d be first in line if bus (or train) service was offered out our way.

  2. eemilla said

    We used to live a few miles off the bus line so we tried to compensate by combining errands into one day as much as possible; our other offset was to not rent a vehicle when we went flew somewhere. I know I complain about the bus service, but I certainly do appreciate it for the function it fills.

  3. Beth said

    We do the same thing and usually manage to make only one errand-running trip a week. And that’s usually into Weaverville, with isn’t as far away as Asheville. And we try to plan our shopping around doctor’s appointments and such. But, of course, my husband is a carpenter, so he has to drive a truck big enough to hold all his tools for his work, and he does drive it every day. But we do try to compensate for that.

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