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Hello 2009!

Posted by eemilla on January 2, 2009

As I just started this blog, I don’t recall if I had any resolutions for 2008.  If I did they probably included saving more and spending less (which my husband and I both refuse to do for an extended period of time), losing weight and being more active (again a total failure as I gained loads of weight), and being nicer and less critical (this is the only resolution I have been remotely successful at, and the diminutive success stems mostly from ignoring the existence of the most irksome people I have to deal with).

I guess having this public forum will help to hold me accountable so I will try to improve upon being nicer and less critical, and in an effort to increase the chance of success I will endeavor to be more physically active.  Although I am not counting it as a resolution, the saving and cutting back will come along as a result of the general economic mood.  Even so, we couldn’t think of bringing in a new year without a couple of bottles of bubbly.  


Perrier Jouet and Cremant de Bourgogne

Perrier Jouet and Cremant de Bourgogne



We toasted to health, prosperity, and happiness so hopefully next year I will be posting something about how much I enjoyed drinking my Perrier-Jouet or Moet’s White Star.  Thanks to  The Wine Guy South for carrying the Perrier at its normal price rather than the higher price offered in October when a wonderful gentleman discounted it for me so we could enjoy it for our wedding anniversary.  With the Cremant being such a steal, I may decide to  gift it all year long to those who drink and are of age; afterall champagne makes every occasion seem special.

Happy New Year (even if WordPress operates five hours ahead of EST)!


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