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There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by eemilla on December 29, 2008

I love my husband’s family; they are really hospitable, kind, fun, and loving, but there is nothing better than sleeping in one’s very own bed surrounded by kitties who have missed you.  All of the four legged babies seem clingy; they are milling about my legs and resting at my feet in shifts.  

We got to see all of his aunts (which we haven’t since his grandmother died over two years ago), and on his father’s side I met two cousins that he hasn’t seen in twelve years.  His family keeps spreading west, so we now have four reasons to visit Texas.  Double shame on us for leaving the camera at home!

Being on the coast, I was reminded of how I love mountains and cooler temperatures, especially lower humidity.  The little coastal town his parents live in is much like Asheville in that tourism and the medical industry are major facets of the economy as well being more progressive and left of center than the surrounding county; however, Asheville is so wonderfully eccentric and funky.  Ahh, Asheville how I love thee, sidewalks to nowhere and all!


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