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Laughing Seed Cafe

Posted by eemilla on December 19, 2008

In the interest of full disclosure, my husband does work at Laughing Seed Cafe.  However, I can say without an ounce of bias that their soysage is so delicious that anyone, including avowed carnivores, will absolutely love it.  Although it has been years since I have had any sausage, I solemnly pledge their soysage patties taste better than Jimmy Dean.  The best part about that is you can actually eat a Laughing Seed soysage patty knowing that it doesn’t contain any nasty artificial franken-food.  Being such a fan of brunch and those soysage patties (which only appear at brunch), I think brunch is the absolute best meal to try at Laughing Seed.  You can enjoy a Bloody Mary or a Dark and Stormy (my hands down favorite drink on their drink menu), and of course, you can have whatever Green Man Ale is on tap (I recommend the gold or Belgian gold, or Imperial Stout).  If you go for lunch or dinner in lieu of the brunch, do not miss out on the pakoras or the fresh cut french fries.  I love their Asian Fusion salad which helps make up for the fried pakoras.  However, skipping dessert is not an option.  Even if you have to forgo beer, do not leave without dessert.  I could never live without cheese; however, the vegan desserts are heavenly.  Recently, they had a vegan chocolate peanut pie that left nothing to be desired as far as creamy chocolaty divinity.  Those looking for more healthful desserts can always have a smoothie from the smoothie menu.

Although the menu is paramount, Laughing Seed must be complimented on their beautiful ambiance.  The best place to sit is the atrium like area that overlooks Patton Avenue; unfortunately, most of these tables are for four or more, but if they are not on a wait, you should definitely ask to sit there.  A huge skylight is defused by a large plant that rests on a huge, hanging platform.  The hostess stand has a nice water feature that also enhances the two tops in the bar area.  The front tables get to look out onto Wall Street, especially in colder weather with the patio out of commission.  

Just like Frank’s NY Deli, this is another awesome local business that provides health care to its employees; Joan and Joe really care about their employes, and I am quite happy with my husband working with them.  They show their love by throwing not one but two wicked awesome employee parties a year.

Laughing Seed Cafe is a true gem of the Asheville restaurant scene.


Laughing Seed Urban Spoon

Laughing Seed Urban Spoon


2 Responses to “Laughing Seed Cafe”

  1. Beth said

    Sounds like a wonderful place to eat…and work. Kudos to them for providing health care insurance to their employees—that is truly admirable.

  2. […] tried any of Ultimate’s vegan options so I am speaking of their standard ice creams).  While Laughing Seed may have a better location, Plant definitely has the better […]

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