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Frank’s NY Deli

Posted by eemilla on December 18, 2008


Franks PortoBrie Sandwich

Franks PortoBrie Sandwich


Frank’s NY Deli has been open for over two years, and it is within walking distance of both work and home (although I would love some sidewalks when walking from work).  I love their grilled veggie sandwiches as well as their vinegary cucumber and tomato salad, although I must confess the special pesto pasta salad is far superior (if less healthy).  If you are looking for nice fresh dessert you can be angelic and order the fresh fruit salad, but the cookies, pies, and cakes are really great too.  In the summer months, Frank puts out a great Key Lime pie, and even if it has the graham cracker crust that I don’t really like, it is peerless in this area.  And as a dedicated consumer of Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie, I have searched this area high and low to no avail (until Frank’s appeared that is).

Although they stopped doing breakfast, you can still purchase quiche either by the slice or whole.  Once you try all of the sandwiches you can move on to daily specials (I have seen tapenade and avocados as featured ingredients) or the salads.  For road trips, we purchase two of Frank’s Favorites then pick our sides for a picnic on the road.  We also do this when we go skiing.  If you can’t make it to Frank’s for lunch, you can always brown bag it by buying some in-house bread and Boar’s Head cold cuts to build it yourself beforehand.  Back when I used to eat cold cuts, I fell in love with Boar’s Head, and for the dollar they are the best deal; just price shop Ingle’s cold cuts then buy yours at Frank’s.  My honey cannot eat an entire meatball sub in one sitting, and when he couples a side salad with the club he is sure to have a midnight snack.

Unfortunately, there is no eat in (if the weather is nice you can eat outside on the bistro tables or in the side yard picnic tables), but the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming with as many chairs as the space allows and tables full of magazines.  Barbara handles the counter for lunch, and she has a great memory for regulars and their families.  Frank is usually busy making bread, salads, cookies, or some other prep while Brian and Brian pump out the sandwiches.  During lunch it is best to call it in, as many a business will order a large batch of sandwiches for employees; additionally, the crew doesn’t refuse special orders so each sandwich is built upon order with whatever changes may have been requested.

For our wedding shower, we ordered a cold cut tray that came with a big center of anti-pasta (roasted red peppers, olives, pepperocinis) as well as cheese.  Additionally the neighborhood Super Bowl party always has a tray of either cold cuts or sandwiches.  Frank’s sells bulk portions of their sides: red potato or Idaho potato salad, red cabbage or traditional cole slaw, macaroni salad, fruit salad, or tomato cucumber salad.  You can call or visit for the full catering menu.


Franks NY Deli Urban Spoon Link

Frank's NY Deli Urban Spoon Link


Thanks to Ash for a great idea to help boost deserving local businesses.


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