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One Car Household Week Fifteen!

Posted by eemilla on December 12, 2008

Although I have not mentioned the one car situation in a while, we are still going strong.  I even managed to enjoy my walk home as it wasn’t raining while I was walking, and I ran into the dog’s godmother.  However, our first major annoyance has occurred.  We have a bed frame that we used when we first moved in together; this bed frame is from my father-in-law’s family. He wants it back at some point, and we would love to free up that space. The hitch lies in the fact that our car doesn’t have a hitch, and it is going to be about $400 to install it and rent a one way trailer large enough to haul the bed.  Sure we know some people with SUVs, but they all have the raised sedan versions.  Also neither of us has bothered to learn how to drive a manual transmission to take advantage of the pick up truck we could have at our disposal; my honey says he could drive a stick for a short time and with extenuating circumstances, but I don’t think nine hours one way counts as short.  The cost of the rental vehicle is pretty much the cost of adding the tow hitch.  Ugh!  If only we had done this last year like I begged when we were a two car household equipped with a tow hitch.  So hopefully things will work out; maybe I’ll learn to drive stick this weekend.


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