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Lentil Tapenade Egg Salad Sandwich

Posted by eemilla on December 7, 2008

We eat a good bit of lentils, and sometimes rather than add the leftovers to another stir fry or make burrito filling I like to make some lentil tapenade. By adding lentils to tapenade you can greatly reduce the food cost for tapenade but still enjoy the great taste of the classic olive spread.

Another benefit to adding lentils is to cover up the taste of less than stellar olives; not that I recommend purchasing the less than stellar olives, but sometimes the grocery store doesn’t stock enough of the good pitted olives so one might have to purchase the super salty pitted ones or pit the olives at home (which I am too lazy to do).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as many leftover lentils as I needed to tone down the olives so I hard boiled some eggs and turned the lentil tapenade into a mayo-free egg salad. The eggs’ blandness took up the olives’ overabundance of salt, and overall it was a nice light dinner when I threw it on some good hearty bread.


 Lentil Tapenade (adapted from The Joy of Cooking)

1 c. cooked lentils

1 c. pitted olives (I ususally use Kalamata)

3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced

3 tbs. drained capers

3 tbs. extra virgin olive oil

3 tbs. lemon juice or brandy/cognac/white wine

2 tps. dried thyme

salt and pepper to taste

  • Place all ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and process until all are combined; the spread will be coarse, but it should be spreadable
  • Serve with crusty bread, fresh vegetables, or as a sandwich spread

One Response to “Lentil Tapenade Egg Salad Sandwich”

  1. Beth said

    I am not an olive person, but my husband is. And we are most definitely heavily into legumes and seeds and such, so maybe I’ll try this sometime for him. Adding the eggs seems like a great idea to moderate the overwhelming flavor of olives.

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