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Go see live music!

Posted by eemilla on December 6, 2008

Other than the festivals in May and August, Bele Chere, one Downtown After Five, and a poor sound quality Barrel House Mamas show, I haven’t seen as much live music this year as I have really wanted; however, the next two weeks will help cure this drought.  Sunday, we are going to the 2008 Best of Showcase at The Orange Peel; I am looking forward to grooving to Stephanie’s ID and the Trainwreks.  I know my honey will be getting rowdy after football and the good live music, but alas I will be driving us home due to no bus service and the thirty some dollars a cab ride from downtown to our house would cost.

Then just twelve days later, we will be back at the Orange Peel to catch Laura Reed and Deep Pocket at the Winter SOULtise with Josh Phillips Folk Festival.  It’s my birthday so I don’t have to worry about driving, and I think we might do dinner at Green Tea!  Although I guess Kanpai might be a better walkable destination.

Whoo-hooo!  December is looking good.


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