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One Car Household for 3.5 weeks!

Posted by eemilla on September 20, 2008

We are still living with one car, and it still feels good.  My honey lost his bus pass this week, but hey, he almost got fifteen rides out of it.  I think the colder weather might test our resolve . . . er, his resolve, since he is doing almost all the walking and bus riding.  However, he is definitely enjoying drinking downtown now that he doesn’t have to drive back home after work.  I cannot wait for full day or Sunday service, but I believe I would prefer full day service.  Warren Wilson gets service until 1:30am, of which I most definitely jealous.  It would be nice if the city could at least do extended service during special events in which most participants will be drinking, but alas, we will be paying fifty dollars for our cab ride.


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