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One Car Family – Week One

Posted by eemilla on September 3, 2008

So we tried back in 2005 right after Katrina to be a one car household, but alas the experiment failed after less than one month.  I did not have the dedication, but I also feel like more of the sacrifice was mine.  Last week my husband had an automobile accident, in which (thankfully!!!) no one was injured.  However, his car was deemed a total loss.  Rather than deal with a salvaged title, we decided that we could try again to become a one car household.

So it has been a week, and we are both still hopeful and enthusiastic about our decision.  We have a new mantra about this is going to save so much money, and how we are doing something more for the environment.  We have been using fluorescent light bulbs for the past three to four years; we recycle and reuse all that we can.  We have used cotton bags for the past few years, and we have composted our food waste for the past several years.  For the ten or so years that we have lived together we have never really eaten meat, and I rarely order it when we go out.  But this seems like a major step.  We are both proud to ride the bus and walk.  Once I get the brakes on my bike fixed, I do plan to put the bike back into the transit plans.  Everyone has laughed and said this won’t last long; how can you possibly do without two cars since you both work?  I think this is good for me especially as I am competitive, and I do relish proving people wrong (yep that is my mean streak).

Whoo Hooo! We are a one car family.


One Response to “One Car Family – Week One”

  1. Beth said

    Yay for you! Somehow, I think you’ll make it work–with that wonderful combination of conviction, resolve, and stubbornness! I wish we had the bus option way out here in the country–I would definitely take advantage of it.
    By the way, your comment on my blog was so articulate, I was thinking you should do your own political post. Very good points you made…thank you!

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