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I love hippie music festivals!

Posted by eemilla on August 11, 2008

I spent the weekend at the Trinumeral music festival at lovely Deerfields in Mills River, NC.  We had a great camping spot below the Ocho stage with grass rather than dirt underfoot.  The weather was absolutely amazing, especially since we are in what are normally the dog days of summer.  Attending festivals like Trinumeral restore my faith in humanity.  It just feels so good to dance and play surrounded by such beauty in both the natural surroundings and the people.  My least favorite part is the litter and the trashing of the porto potties.

This time we were also blessed with Bearly Edible; their grilled cheese is “world famous” because not only does it provide a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but it is cheap (they sell for $1 a pop before tip).  I was quite happy to enjoy their pesto mozzadilla a good deal more than the grilled cheese.  It was only five bucks, but the pesto was so fresh and good that it was worth more.  Last week we planned on using pesto for our pizza only to discover that our garden didn’t have enough basil.  We ate some store pesto, and it was not at all satisfying.  I think last week’s experience definately made the Bearly Edible’s pesto that much more delightful.  Our last festival experience was marred by the absence of BE, and they saved us this time as our planned burritos went for a swim when the crappy, plastic freezer bags failed to stay closed (I might add these bags are the stupid more expensive named brand).

Although I enjoyed seeing most of the bands (I must exclude Lotus and Particle from this), Laura Reed and Deep Pocket were my favorite I’ve never listened to band.  The worst scheduling conflict occurred on Saturday night when we had to decide between Midnite and Stephanie’s ID, but really Stephanie’s ID had no chance as we have numerous occassion to see them (in fact we caught them at Bele Chere a couple of weeks ago).

Today I am attempting to come down from the clouds and get grounded again so I can do some laundry and grocery shopping.  However, I really think I am going to make my very own hula hoop because I always enjoy watching the hoopers get down.  I have a whole year or more to practice my moves for the next awesome festival that comes to town.

Thanks Trinumeral, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket, Deerfields, Bearly Edible, Midnite, Custard Pie, GZA, Galatic and Boots Riley, EOTO, Artvandalay, Incognito Mosquito, East Coast Dirt, Secret B Sides, and Snake Oil Medicine Show.


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